Cerdded Hyn Serol Glan Bythol (Epilogue) - Thestral - Ystorm Erwin O Wynt Ac Eira (Cassette)

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Cerdded Hyn Serol Glan Bythol (Epilogue) - Thestral - Ystorm Erwin O Wynt Ac Eira (Cassette) - and too

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  5. The Silvan sentinels were the guardians of the woodland realms of the Elves in Middle-earth. The Silvan archers reached their peak after the fall of Morgoth, at the start of the Second Age of the Sun. This was a period after Beleriand had fallen into ruin and many Elven lords, both Ñoldor and Sindar, began to expand into the rest of Middle-earth, setting up fiefs and kingdoms in places such.

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