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Dawn - seems

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  1. Dawn generally refers to the transition from night to day as the morning twilight brightens the sky. However, there is also a formal definition that refers to specific moments during that transition.
  2. Feb 23,  · Directed by Cynthia L. Leon. With Erin Nordseth, Patrick Vann, Michael Sigler, Raian Stanley. A reserved woman executive begins having vivid dreams about a young girl she hardly knows, being brutally murdered. As the dreams intensify, she calls the police and two skeptical detectives are called in. Her husband is the last person to believe her, but the first person she begins to suspect/10(58).
  3. Define dawn. dawn synonyms, dawn pronunciation, dawn translation, English dictionary definition of dawn. n. 1. The time each morning at which daylight first begins. 2. A first appearance; a beginning: the dawn of history. See Synonyms at beginning.

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