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  1. Heart On My Sleeve holds the power to change the world with our story! Visit our page for more information about our mental health movement.
  2. It's likely that the phrase "wear your heart on your sleeve" comes from medieval jousts, where a 'sleeve' referred to a piece of armor which covered and protected the arm. Knights would often wear a lady's token around their sleeve of armor. In the Bard’s tragedy, it is none other than the dishonest and villainous Iago who speaks the words to his confederate Rodrigo.
  3. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm not afraid. Say what I mean. Mean what I say. Set myself up. Let myself down. I may be a fool. Spread it around. And I, just want to let you know.
  4. Heart On My Sleeve is a global social movement & services provider empowering people to share stories of struggle and resilience, so that we all feel understood. We inspire people & organisations to take help seeking action by humanising our personal yet universal journeys with mental health. Watch How It All Started It started as a single story.
  5. Top definition I wear my heart on my sleeve When a person displays their feelings instead of hiding them. John: Hey Kate, I wear my heart on my sleeve, have you noticed?
  6. wear one's heart on one's sleeve, to To show one’s feelings, especially amorous ones, openly. This term comes from the old custom of tying a lady’s favor to her lover’s sleeve, thus announcing their attachment. Shakespeare used it in Othello (): “But I will wear my heart upon my sleeve .
  7. wear your heart on your sleeve make your feelings apparent. In medieval times, it was the custom for a knight to wear the name of a lady on his sleeve during a tournament; the phrase was later popularized by Shakespeare in Othello: ‘For I will wear my heart upon my sleeve, For daws to peck at’.
  8. To express outwardly in "complement extern" the "native act and figure" of one's heart is to manifest externally the inmost shape and tendency of one's desires. Doing so, Iago says, soon leads to.

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