Nosferatu - Moonblood - The Forgotten Spells (CD)

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Nosferatu - Moonblood - The Forgotten Spells (CD) - pity, that

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  1. 1 Nosferatu 2 Warriors Of Metal 3 Fullmoon Witchery 4 I Hail The Night 5 Moonstruck 6 Forgotten Spells In The Forest's Nocturnal 7 Dwelling In Darkness 8 Then Came The Silence 9 H.
  2. The CD is released on Gaamalzagoth's label Misanthrophia Discos. The only real and official demo tape is the "The Winter Falls Over The Land" tape which was released in units by Gospel Of The Witches Productions in Everything else can be seen as a rehearsal tape (Siegfried, Nosferatu) or as (split)tape album (Fuck Peace, Dusk).
  3. MOONBLOOD / ENSOM SKOGEN / FORGOTTEN SPELL - flammenwut - Split CD with 3 raw german underground Black Metal bands, lenght about 65 min, features exclusive recordings of all bands, the Ensom Skogen pa.
  4. The album was only ever released on Pro-tape and later on LP (as in "record," as in "record player") - no CD versions of the album exist. (Many of the older and rawer black metal bands prefer tape to CD because it brings out the sound quality they desire better.)5/5(3).
  5. Sep 25,  · Moonblood - Blut & Krieg / Sob a Lua do Bode () Album Photo by 멀록기사. Format: CD. 18 likes. 3 Moonblood Album Photos.
  6. Moonblood 1. Forgotten Spells In The Forests Nocturnal 2. A Silent Dream of Impurity 3. Bells of Apocalypse 4. I Hail the Night Deathspell Omega 5. Follow the Dark Path 6. Morbid Rituals 7. Yells From the Abyss Download BUY IT IF YOU LIKE IT Album Name: Moonblood / Katharsis Band Name: Moonblood/Katharsis Genre: Epic Black Metal Year:
  7. Both songs are now officially available on a limited vinyl edition for collectors and simultaneously as part of a Split CD with ENSOM SKOGEN and FORGOTTEN SPELL. This release marks the final act of the bands long discography. In the meanwhile 3 of the founding members of Demoniac have started rehearsing again.

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