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  1. This is a revised and expanded edition of Vol. 2, ''Panic In Detroit'', published in celebration of the th Anniversary of the the publication of Crowley's Blue Equinox (of which a /5(11).
  2. About “Panic in Detroit” 1 contributor The song is inspired by late-night stories about the Detroit riots told to Bowie by Iggy Pop. The 5-day riot was one of the worst in American history.
  3. The song "Panic in Detroit" is well named, although just who was in panic is difficult to say; terrified residents, the looters or the police perhaps. The resultant riot was one of the worst in American history.
  4. Panic in Detroit If your mother ever taught you anything, you know you can't go to Italy and tell the people there that soccer sucks, Michelangelo was overrated and pasta makes you fat.
  5. General CommentWritten in early 's in Detroit about the riots. Take it from me, he saw the same burned out buildings along Grand River Ave. in Detroit as I saw in the early 70's. Aladdin Sane has a city associated with each song (check the CD or album liner) and this one was from Detroit.5/5(2).
  6. Aug 18,  · It’s the kind of LP where the most intense listener gets amazed by the out of ordinary synthesized timbres, rhythms and chords on them; 'Panic In Detroit' brought back in that broader and wilder shape of Techno to the old continent, no shadow of a doubt, a privilege left to very few releases in history/5().
  7. Houston, Harris County, Texas, United States There are 2 bands with the name Panic in Detroit: 1) Despite the band's name, Panic in Detroit has nothing to do with David Bowie's glam phase, or even with Detroit. The band was formed in Houston, TX, in when drummer Ryan Chavez decided to switch over to vocals and guitar and read more.

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