The Thanks I Get

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  1. The song was recorded for Sky Blue Sky, but only released as a single. “The Thanks I Get” is a diatribe against a man’s girlfriend who constantly gets on his back, worried that he’s running around.
  2. The Thanks I Get Lyrics. If the lies don't touch you, the truth will. If I can't love you, then who will? When your friends are jumping ship. When your crown begins to slip. And loyalty's not a.
  3. The Thanks I Get Lyrics. This is the thanks I get. It happened on the weekend yeah. You promised me summer. You're giving me winter. And this is all the thanks that I get. And this is the thanks I.
  4. May 22,  · The Thanks I Get By Wilco Is that the thanks I get for lovin you? Is that the thanks I get for tellin you the truth? You say you wanna know Where I go when I go You say you wanna communicate But you dont hear a word I say Is that the thanks I get for loving you? Now I'm tired of the looks you give me when I get home late And I'm getting tired how you forget the lovin things I say I hold you.
  5. “Thanks I Get” is the first track off of Iggy Azalea’s sophomore studio album In My Defense. The track serves as the unapologetic intro of the album with Iggy boasting about her impact and calling.
  6. Just where did it get ya What satisfaction was had You kicked the shit right in my face Is that all the thanks I get You said we made such a pretty pair living in harmony I'm sorry honey but I disagree it seemed more like a comedy Just look how you lied girl that Judas right by your side He hung you up so you cut me right down Is that all the.
  7. Erik Hassle - The Thanks I Get Lyrics. If the lies don't touch you, the truth will If I can't love you, then who will? When your friends are jumping ship When your crown begins to.
  8. Wilco Lyrics. "The Thanks I Get". Is that the thanks I get for lovin' you. Is that the thanks I get for tellin' you the truth. You say you wanna know. Where I go when I go. You say you wanna communicate. But you don't hear a word I say. Is that the thanks I get for loving you.

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