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  1. Mar 03,  · Paul I of Russia was the son and successor of Catherine the Great, who took the Romanov throne away from her feeble-minded husband, Tsar Peter III, and had him killed in , an event which ever afterwards preyed on the mind of their son, then a boy of eight. The formidable Catherine had little time for her heir.
  2. Paul, Russian in full Pavel Petrovich, (born October 1 [September 20, Old Style], , St. Petersburg, Russia—died March 23 [March 11], , St. Petersburg), emperor of Russia from to
  3. May 09,  · Tsar Paul I (there was to be no Paul II) had a brief and turbulent reign from to He succeeded in making numerous enemies in his own country and they conspired to bump him off. Tsar Paul I just prior to becoming Emperor of all Russia.
  4. Reigned The future Emperor Paul I was the son of Peter III and his wife, Catherine the Great. Contemporaries spread rumors that Peter was not Paul's real father, but rather that this honor belonged to the Russian officer, Sergei Saltykov, who was Catherine's first favorite.
  5. Tsar Paul I was born in St Petersburg in and named Pavel Petrovich. He was the son of Peter III and of Catherine the Great, although she did suggest at times that he was fathered by her lover Sergei Saltykov, another Romanov descendant. Peter III died after a short, unpopular reign as Tsar in , when Paul was only seven years old.
  6. Nov 11,  · Drawing on archival studies, revisionist historians have taken issue with the traditional view that Tsar Paul I was mad and was assassinated because of the clear danger he posed to the state. Professor Ragsdale contends that the question of Paul's mental condition is not as simple as either his detractors or modern apologists jacknanworkgrothingsu.esedpelpocarlkibackfichmiebutnoheas.co by: 3.
  7. THE REIGN OF TSAR PAUL I OF RUSSIA Tsar Paul I has in general had a bad press from historians who usually, without any good reason, call him “mad”. Certainly, he was eccentric, impulsive and at times domineering in relation to the nobility, who hated him and eventually killed him.
  8. Emperor Paul I ruled Russia for a short span of five years from to He was the only son of Emperor Peter III and Empress Catherine II the Great. His relationship with his mother was strained because his grand aunt, Empress Elizabeth, had preferred him .

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