Vrijeme Odluke - Azra (3) - Best Of... Vol.1 (Cassette)

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  1. Azra is the name of more than one artist: 1) Zagreb rock band 2) Turco-German rapper 3) italo-disco, alias of Azra Đorđević 1) Azra was a rock band from Zagreb, Croatia (then Yugoslavia) that was popular in the s. Azra was formed in by its frontman Branimir "Johnny" Štulić.
  2. May 16,  · A5 Vrijeme odluke A6 Gracija B1 Krvava Meri 3 (death of Tito), but I would say it's mostly due to echoes of the punk revolution. Anyway, Azra's first album was the best album of Croatia's new wave, and also of concentrated, condensed, normal Johnny Štulić. And now, a trivia: a girl in a neighborhood also bought this record, but /5(6).
  3. Azra Album Jablan - Uradi nešto - Teško vrijeme - Tople usne žene - Vrijeme odluke - Gracija - Krvava Meri - Marina - Ne mogu pomoći nikome od nas - Iggy Pop - Žena drugog sistema - Obrati pažnju na poslednju stvar.
  4. Azra & Johnny Štulić Htjela bi da spavas, vrijeme je odluke - - Komentari (2) - Isprintaj - # Arhiva >> Ovaj blog je ustupljen pod Creative Commons licencom Imenovanje-Dijeli pod istim uvjetima. P: U: S.
  5. Azra - Jablan: Azra - Ne mogu pomoci nikome od nas: Azra - Marina: Azra - Krvava Meri: Azra - Gracija: Azra - Vrijeme odluke: Azra - Tople usne zene: Azra - Tesko vrijeme: Azra - Uradi nesto: Filigranski plocnici CD 1 - Ljudi samoce: Filigranski plocnici CD 1 - Ako znas bilo sto:
  6. - Azra (Jugoton) 1. Jablan 2. Uradi nešto 3. Tesko vrijeme 4. Tople usne zene 5. Vrijeme odluke 6. Gracija 7. Krvava Meri 8. Marina 9. Ne mogu pomoci nikome od nas Iggy Pop Zena drugog sistema Obrati paznju na posljednju stvar - Suncana strana ulice (Jugoton, dupli) 1

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